Q. When and how do I get paid? 

A. You have the option to be paid out via PayPal or direct deposit every business day.  

Q. Can I really work whenever I want? 

A. That’s the beauty of this opportunity. You can treat this as a 9-5 job, or you can simply turn your computer on and make some side cash whenever you’re bored. The 1,000’s of daily transcribing tasks are all conveniently listed in a single website dashboard you can access from anywhere with an internet connection. 

Q. How much income can I really make? 

A. With thousands of daily tasks available, it really is up to you to earn as much or as little as you want. My personal best week was just shy of $700 in 7 days. 

Q. Can I find this transcription website online? Are there fees to join the website? 

A. There are pages full of them if you look in Google. But even if you do happen to find it (how will you even know?) and apply to get in, there are very specific things they look for in accepting an applicant, and I know first-hand that far more applications are denied rather than accepted. Also VERY important – If you get denied once, you don’t get a second chance… so don’t ruin it. 

Also, the transcribing website has ZERO fees to join and ZERO fees to stay active on their platform. It’s a legitimate company that actually PAYS their members as opposed to having members pay them to join. 

Q. Who are you and why are you selling this information? 

A. My name’s Sam, and I do not work as the hiring manager for the transcription company you will be working with. I’m actually a digital marketer of 13 years, attempting to make a name for myself in the world of digital publishing… specializing in the creation of step-by-step, A-Z workbooks that GUARANTEE income for anyone that puts my workbooks to use. And that leads me to the reason you’re here right now. 

In order to have a successful book launch, I need legitimate reviews. 

That’s why I truly need this workbook to make you money because I NEED the legitimate reviews to present to my future audience if I expect to sell this workbook at a significantly higher price point. So if this workbook doesn’t do its job and make you money, you’re just gonna leave me a horrible review and neither of us get anything out of this. I’ll also need your permission to use your name and review on the updated sales page that will be created once I have all the reviews I need. 

I should mention that this same guide will be sold for $100 once all the reviews are in, and I invest heavily into the development of a shiny new sales page. 

You won’t be paying $100 for it, because I haven’t built up a big enough reputation in the industry to warrant it. That’s why I’m offering you the opportunity to access this workbook, the private transcribing website dashboard, the precise instructions you NEED to follow if you want to get your application accepted into the transcription website, and a handful of other recommendations that I know will only boost your income potential immediately…

All this in the workbook is yours right now for just $10 bucks. 

I’ve decided to leave this discount unlocked until I receive 100 reviews; good or bad. So if you still have the opportunity, I’d advise grabbing a copy before the price shoots up to it’s permanent price point of $100, happening as soon as I receive my 100th review. 

  • Number of Reviews Received (out of 100) 87%

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